Post Vacation Blues and Finding My Big Girl Panties

My family and I spent all last week at Glacier National Park.  We were joined by the majority of my extended family for our biennial reunion.

It. Was. Beautiful!

Coming from the heat of south Texas, the cool evenings and mornings were a precious gift.  The rolling fields of wildflowers were breathtaking.  The cool, clear water of the lakes were spectacular.  The wildlife we saw made us giddy with excitement.  The mountains that we climbed gave way to thunderous waterfalls and views that literally cried out to be enjoyed.  We even took horses to the top of a mountain, picking blueberries along the way.

While I was there, I stood in awe of all that God had created.  And because we had very spotty service, I was able to unplug and really be present for all that God was showing me.  It was refreshing for my soul.

But then it ended.  We had to come home.  We had to re-enter our lives.

To be honest, I found myself feeling sad and not wanting to re-engage in my life.  At first, I thought I was just tired from all of the hiking and activity from the week.  After a few days, though, I realized there was more.  The end of this vacation is a sign that summer is almost over.  In the next couple of weeks, my kids head back to school and their lives as college students.  I will miss them terribly.

I’ve so enjoyed my time with them this summer.  They have not all been home full time, but most of them have been home for some period of time.  It’s been great!  The laughter.  The story telling.  The meals shared.  The impromptu pool time.  The sharing of hearts.  The encouraging of one another.  The joy.

I have soaked it all in.

But soon the structure of school and work will take over.  Thankfully, all of my kids enjoy their respective schools and have each found their people, their groups.  It makes their leaving easier.  And God has so sweetly reminded me of the new life He has given me here, new friends, new ministry opportunities, new adventures.

So after several days of my inner three year old screaming, ‘I don’t wanna do real life!’, I’ve picked myself off the floor, found my big girl panties crumpled in the corner, and started getting back at it…

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