While at an overnight women’s ministry conference, I told my story to a few women of God’s healing redemption in my life from childhood abuse and my struggle with infertility.  Soon after arriving home, one of the ladies asked me to tell it again at an upcoming women’s retreat.  I agreed.

By the time the event took place, I was thirty five weeks pregnant with my first daughter.  As the time drew near, I was excited and a little nervous. I had shared my story before, but not in quite the same way with so many unknown women in the group.  How would they respond?  Would I really be able to fully communicate the incredible work and healing that God had provided?  Would they find encouragement in what they heard?

When I was done, I held my breath waiting for the ladies to respond.  Thankfully, they were loving, kind, and gracious.  Several of them came to me, telling me their own stories of hurt and struggle and their gratitude to know they weren’t alone.  It was beautiful how God brought all of us together to encourage and love one another.

Since that time, I have spoken at varoius MOPS groups, women’s events, and youth events.  I have spoken on many topics as well as shared my story.  Some of them include:

Loving Others
Be Still and Know That I am God
Walking in Faith
The God Who Sees
The Many Hats of Women
Parenting a Child with Special Needs

I use humor, honesty, and God’s word to encourage others to genuinely experience the depth of God’s love in a way that brings redemption, healing, and freedom to live the abundant life Jesus came to give.