The Gift of Your Presence

One of my daughters is working with kids on the outskirts of downtown Houston this summer. She has been looking forward to this opportunity for months.  She loves kids and loves Jesus so to combine the two is her sweet spot.  As she was telling me about her adventurous first week, I was struck by something she said.  Before she left, she was worried about knowing the right thing to say or do to show Jesus’ love to the kids she encountered.  What she discovered was that they don’t need her words, they need her presence.

They need her to show up.

They need her to be fully present.

They need her to engage.

Isn’t that what we’re all hoping for?  Someone to show up and be present. Someone who will stop what they’re doing, look you in the eye, and listen. Someone who will take time to hear what’s on your heart and treasure it as a precious gift.


Your presence is what’s needed.


I was reminded of that as I went to a women’s coffee fellowship.  Several women showed up, put their phones away, and talked for well over an hour relishing all the time they had while their kids were in the nursery.  It was a wonderful sight to behold.

The best part was my interaction with the woman who sat next to me.  She came in a little late after a rough start to her morning.  She could have just stayed home, but she chose to show up.  I’m so glad she did.

After we made our introductions, she asked me questions about my family.  And then she asked follow up questions.  Questions that let me know she was listening and engaged.  Then she told me about her family and shared some things on her heart.   She didn’t have an agenda or a purpose.  She didn’t use any special words.  She was merely present and trying to connect.   Our time together blessed me immensely.  It revived my soul.

She showed up.

She engaged.

Her presence was a beautiful gift.


Your presence is a gift, too.  Go share it!




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