Autism Awareness Month

My husband and I knew from early on that our son was different.

As our other quadruplets progressed, he seemed to lag behind.  And then there was the spinning.  We had a wooden riding airplane with a propeller.  He would sit in front of it for long periods of time just spinning it.  We suspected autism; it was confirmed soon after his third birthday.

Even though we knew in our hearts what the diagnosis would be, it was difficult to hear. I was handed a large manila envelope with brochures about therapies, agencies, organizations, and support groups.  I was also totally overwhelmed.  I remember going home and sifting through all the information.  The more I read, the heavier my heart got.

How far would he be able to progress?  Would he ever speak?  Would he ever stop throwing tantrums?   Would he be able to go to school with his siblings?  Would he make friends?  Would he be able to hold a job?  Would he be able to live on his own?  Would someone want to marry him?

Some of thosWP_20150402_003e questions are yet to be answered.   They linger in the back of my mind, coming out from time to time creating anxiety and stirring up grief.

I know I’m not alone, though.  There are many of us out there with more added everyday; people caring for and loving those on the spectrum.

So during this month of autism awareness I’m going to share some of our adventures with autism.  And I invite you to share your stories with me here.  My hope is that we can encourage and strengthen each other as we walk this path.



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