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Who Has the Power to Speak Worth Over You?

Who the hell gave her the power to speak worth over you?

My daughter’s words hit my heart so heavily they took my breath away.  With tears in my eyes, I had to admit that it was me; I had given her that power.

I don’t know when or how it happened, but I had given another person the authority to determine my worth.  When I felt like she approved of what I was doing, I felt good and competent.  When I felt like she disapproved, I felt flawed and worthless.  Unfortunately, over time, I began to feel ‘not enough’ whenever I was with her, always remembering the times I had failed to measure up.  I had only myself to blame; I had given that power, that authority to her.


§  §  §


I think we do that more than we realize.  Maybe it’s to a job, family, education, wealth, busy-ness, beauty, friends, kids, ministry, where we live, what we drive, the list goes on.  We start out with good intentions, wanting to be liked and accepted, wanting to do and be good.  But before we know it, we are slaves to those things or the opinions of others.  And we we will never be enough.  We could always do more, be more.  It’s frustrating.  It’s discouraging.  It’s suffocating.

I was suffocating.

My daughter’s question was the fresh breath that I needed.  Hope was revived in my heart.  Thoughts became clear in my head.   Things could be different.  I could be free.   

I would take the power back. 

§  §  §


So this is my reminder and I pray it will be yours, as well.

My worth, your worth, comes not from what we do or don’t do, how we look, or how smart we are, but from God.  We are of such great worth and value to Him that He sent Jesus, His profound love in human form, so that we could be united.  He loves us unconditionally at all times, even when we’re making a mess of things or not living up to expectations.  There is nothing we could do to diminish His love for us.   We are His children, His beloved.  He rejoices over us with shouts of joy.

Let those words sink deep into your heart.  Read them again if you have to.

Now go, and reclaim the power you’ve given away!